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HR Services

Companies often require trusted advice and practical assistance with other HR related matters. Our sister company Bridgehead Europe Limited offer Strategic HR Planning including the formation of Staff Handbooks, Employment Contracts, Recruitment and Individual Tax Advice. Get in touch


Auto-Enrolment Pension Reforms will affect every employer from now until 2018. Many companies are not aware of the rules and reporting requirements. There are penalties associated with non-compliance. Our sister company Bridgehead Europe Limited are experienced in helping, advising and executing solutions in this area. Get in touch

Employee Benefits

Companies are increasing using employee benefits as a total compensation package to attract and retain talented employees. Our sister company Bridgehead Europe Limited are experienced in understanding the needs of the business, ensuring maximum return on investment. Having determined the right programme, they can execute the plan and help communicate to company employees.
Poor communication has often been the cause of employees not appreciating the value of their total rewards package. Bridgehead Europe Limited work hard to communicate the full value of these benefits making sure they are fully informed, building loyalty and appreciation between employees and the business.
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